Burnout: Ditch The Overwhelm

An Intro To and Recognizing Pandemic Stress

Stress…Pandemic Stress in particular, is wearing us down, causing us burnout and exhaustion.

In this Module, you will learn all about Stress…what it looks like for you, how it works, the connection & impact of stress on your health as well as Cumulative Stress which a lot of people are experiencing now.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to spot Stress as soon as you feel it.  And in the upcoming Modules, you’ll learn tactical and practical things you can do about it so you can get out from under all of the stress we’re experiencing.

Click on each Lesson to find a short video.  And make sure to print out the worksheets provided in the Lesson Downloads section to the right of each Video Lesson.

Complete Module 1 before you move on to the next Module.  You will need the learning and info in Module 1 to get the most benefit from the other Modules that follow.

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